When baba Bihari Laal Ji was on Guru-Gaddi a very famous Merchant of Lahore came to meet baba ji. His name was Shankar Shaah(popularly known as kainthe vala shaah)because he had 50 horses and all the horses had gold necklaces in there neck.He was very rich and the Mughal governemnt has gifted him 5 villages.He belonged to Sareen caste but wanted to make a new caste.But unforunately he didn't have any child.He went to many saints,did many prayers but nothing happend.One day he heard about the ashram of Satguru Baba Channan Dyal ji and choose to go there.So he visited to Ashram with his wife and servants.Shankar shah went there did prayers and wanted to meet baba ji.But baba ji was doing Tapasaya at that time.so he sat and started thinking about his desire to have a son.soon baba ji came out from tapasya.Shankar Shah saw Baba ji.They had shine and peace on their face.Shankar shah went ahead and touched feet of Baba ji.Baba ji smiled and said"all your desires will be fullfilled Son,My Satguru ji will bless you".Shah's heart was filled with joy and there were tears in his eyes.He felt a peace in that place.Peace that he had never found anywhere else.He sat there for some more time and then came back to his home.Time passed and after a year he was blessed with a son.Soon he came back to Ashram and meet Baba Ji.He was so happy and wanted to built a sarowar,well and smaadhi of Satguru ji with Naankshahi bricks.He named his son "kundra" and after that kundra was blesesd with 5 sons and a new caste started with them-"kundra".This way Satguru Baba Channan Dyal ji become "kul guru" of kundra's.


Other castes include Sachdeva's,Vinayak,Prinja's,Jetli,Tondon,Kumeria,Sareen, Lankeshwar,Jattsikh Gill belonging to village kakakr Kalan and people from any other caste who wanted to seek blessings from Satguru ji can come here.