Satguru Baba Channan Dyal Ji is a great saint who was born in 1167 somewhere in southern part of India.Their older name was Chetan Swami.They admire Lord Rama a lot and worshipped him since childhood. At a young age they started traveling to different places and during one of their traveling, they came to northern India on the bank of river Ravi. They find this place so mesmerizing and peaceful and settled their ashram here and started worshipping Lord Rama . Soon many people started coming to there Ashram to meet them. Satguru Ji was so kind by nature so people started calling them "Channan Dyal Ji". And soon they were known as Satguru Baba Channan Dyal Ji. people from Lahore and all parts of India came here to seek blessings from them. Soon there Ashram becomes center of spirituality. Rishi-Muni's from all over India started coming here for Tapasya.


Baba Channan Dyal Ji was a great saint who was born in 1167 on the day of Basant Panchami in somewhere southern part of India.They were great devotee of Lord Shri Ram Chandar ji. At an early age (about 18-20 years) they started going on pilgrimages.They visited Gaya Ji,Dwarka Ji,Badrinath Ji,Kedarnath Ji,Shri Somnath Temple,Haridwar and all other Dhams(mostly in southern parts of the country) and once during one of their pilgrimage, they visited Rai(village in punjab)presently in districtAmritsar. They were so impressed by the peace of that place that they settled there,built an Ashram and started worshipping lord Rama. After spending 5 to 6 years in Rai they wanted to go for pilgrimage again so they gave the responsibility of the Ashram to one of their follower. After some 7 years when they didn't came back the follower thought that saint might be dead so he destroyed the Ashram and use that land for farming. Then after some monthes when Baba Channan Dyal Ji was back and saw that their Ashram was not there,they went to the follower and asked him about the ashram and flowers(they love plants so much and treated them as their own children) to which the follower replied which flowers?which ashram?2-3 flowers were there, they will grow again. Baba Channan Dyal Ji was so hurt to hear that the follower destoyed all their plants and flowers,and in pain they said " just like my 2-4 flowers son, you"ll also remain 2-4".After that incident Baba Channan Dyal ji moved from there.but that village Rai never growed. Till now the village has very minor population.


After leaving village Rai, Satguru ji moved towards a forest near bank of Ravi(river ravi).They settled their ashram near ravi in the forest. An old couple was also living near to that forest .The name of that old man was "ghumman" and he was childless. when the old couple see that there is a saint living near to there house,they went to him and requested if they could present him milk twice a day.Satguru ji accepted their request and old couple started going to the Ashram twice .After few years,one day when the couple was sitting in Ashram,wife of ghumman saw a "gilt" (Female pig) playing with her 7 children.The scene stuck to her heart as she was childless.Then Satuguru ji came and asked wife of old man that "daughter is their something in your mind?"To which she replied "you know everything,Satguru Ji".After that satguru ji smiled and said to old man that don't worry as that pig has 7 children you will also have 7 sons.And after a year he was blessed with his first son and he had 7 sons in total. from his 7 sons the village kakkar was formed and from that 7 sons,jattsikh caste "gill" was subdivided into 7 castes like kamle,Bole,Lalle and Raath. Present village kakkar has all those 7 castes and also Brahmins and sachdevas are living here.


Mata kauri was devotee of Mata Hinglaaj (one swaroop from 52 swaroop of sati devi).She was daughter of jetli brahmins who were living in lahore at that time.She was a great women who spends most of her time in worshipping mata Hinglaaj Ji.Once she decided to visit Haridwar for Ganga ishnaan. At that time people go into groups.So she went with a group and when they were going through ravi river she got seprated from the group and it was already night time. Then she moved furthur and saw light in the forest.She went closer and saw a Ashram.She went inside and saw a Saint . She told Satguru Ji that she got seprated from the group and requested them that if she could stay there. In morning when she saw Satguru ji worshipping god,she saw a different kind of peace on their face. when Satguru ji came from smaadhi they saw that Mata Kauri ji was sitting there and she was sad.Satguru ji asked her the reason behind her saddness.She told that she wanted to visit Haridwar but she can't go as she was too old and seprated from group.So Satguru ji said that if God really wanted her to visit then they will find some way for it. After that Satguru Ji took a white cloth and asked Mata Kauri Ji to lay down.They put a cloth on her body and sprinke some water and after that soul of Mata kauri ji went to Haridwar and did her ishnaan and did Aarti. Then satguru ji again sprinkle some water and remove the cloth.Mata kauri ji came back and her body was wet and she was so happy and accepted Satguru ji as her guru and stayed there. Following the orders of Satguru Baba Channan Dyaal ji ,Mata Kauri ji shifted to another place(presently mata kauri mandir) and started worshipping Mata Hinglaaj ji.Mata Hinglaaj Ji impressed with mata kauri's bhakti and came there to bless her.


So time passed and it was 1470.Till that time the Ashram was developed and rishi-munis from different parts of country come there in the ashram and do pooja and Bhakti.Satguru ji was 300 years old at that time and they knew that their end was near.So they called Mata kauri ji and asked her if there is someone in her family who could take the responsibilty of the Asharam and Gurugaddi.Mata kauri ji was unmarried but her brother's sons were there so she said that her brother's son "Bihari Lal",could take the responsibility. Then she went to Lahore to meet Bihari laal.Mata kauri ji's family was full of Rishi-Muni's and they all were engazed in rituals,prayers and worshipping God,so when she went there,firstly they didn't recognized her as they thought she was dead. But when she recall some memories, Bihari Laal agreed to go with her bhua.But on the way Bihari Laal had something in his mind.He thought that if the Guru is real then he would call him by his name.But then he thought that his bhua might told them so he had second thought that if he gave him prasad of bhalla and kaanji then he will accept them as his Guru.One more person was accompaning them,he was Mooldaas.Mooldas was born after Mata Kauri ji was gone from the house.Even Mooldaas had some thoughts in his mind. He thought that if Satguru ji called him by his name then he will accept satguru ji as his Guru.When they reached Ashram with Mata kauri ji.Mata kauri ji went to Satguru ji and touched their feet.Then Satguru ji called Bihari Laal by his name and asked him,"how are you Bihari Laal?Is everything alright?"Bihari Laal smiled and thought that this guru is fake.Then satguru ji called Mooldaas and asked him,"how are you Mooldaas?everything alright?"mooldaas ji realized the powers of Satguru ji and touched their feet then Satguru ji called one of his follwer "Daalabh" and asked him to go to the kitchen and take kaanji and bhalla. To which Daalabh replied that maharaj we didn't make kaanji bhalla's.But Satguru ji insisted him, so he went to the kitchen and found the prasad and gave it to Bihari Laal.Bihari Laal was so overwhelmed and ate kaanji-bhalla and after that it was served to all.Then Bihari Laal was given prasad of shakkar and after that Bihari Laal ji touched the feet of Satguru ji and accepted them as theirGuru.Till date on Diwali,prasad of kaanji bhalla and shakkar is given to all the shradhalus.


After Baba Bihari Laal ji met Satguru ji.Satguru ji gave all the responsibilities of Ashram and Guru-gaddi to Bihari Laal ji, following all the religious rituals.After that Bihari Laal ji took the responsibilities of ,Guru gaddi.After some time, on Amawasya of kartik month,Baba Chaanan Dyaal Ji left the world and all the rituals and cremation was done by Bihari Laal ji. After that Bhandaara was made and prasad of kaanji-bhalla was made and distributed to the people who were connected with the Gaddi.Bihari Laal ji took the responsibilties of the Guru-Gaddi and during there time the Guru-gaddi developed, grown and was famous in all over India. People and Rishi-Munni's from different places came there for worshipping God.


When Baba Bihari Laal ji was on guru gaddi a very famous merchant from lahore came to meet them.His name was Shankar Shaah(popularly known as kainthe vala shaah)because he had 50 horses and all the horses had gold necklaces in there neck.He was very rich and the Mughal governemnt has gifted him 5 villages.He belonged to Sareen caste but he wanted to make a new caste.But unforunately he didn't had any child.He went to many saints,did many prayers but nothing happend.One day he heard about the ashram and baba Bihari Laal ji and choose to go there.So he visited to Ashram with her wife and servants.Baba ji was sitting on smaadhi.He waited and when Baba ji came back from smaadhi,Shankar shah went there and touched the feet of Baba ji.Baba ji smiled.There was a peace on face of baba Bihari Laal ji.Shankar shah felt that peace in the environment there.A peace he didn't felt anywhere else in this world.Baba Bihari laal ji blessed him and after a year he was blessed with a son and after his son was born,he came back to the Ashram and built the sarowar,well and smaadhi of Satguru ji with Naankshahi bricks.He named his son "kundra" and after that his son kundra was blesesd with 5 sons and a new caste started with them-"kundra"